Movie Watching Group

Last week I shared an idea about a Podcast Club and someone commented that they have a movie club. A few hours later I saw this article from Busted Halo about some Catholic-Themed films.

Thought I’d share!

Coming together to enjoy Catholic Culture or just to watch great movies and talk about Catholic themes is a great idea for adults, families, and teens. I believe that watching or reading fiction can help us tackle big topics in the faith. Why? Because we aren’t dissecting real people’s lives, so therefore we aren’t disrespecting them or putting an individual down.

So how can we do this in a pandemic? Well, you could have everyone watch the movie at home, then come on zoom or another virtual platform to discuss. You could bring people together to watch in your parish hall all spaced out. You could even show the movie outside. When gathering the group together to show the movie be sure to get the right permissions for a group showing. Here’s a site I found with some good information, but be sure to do your own research.

A few other movies I think would be great for a group showing: Fatima (just came out in 2020), The Matrix (my pastor loved leading a discussion on this with young adults), and Return to Me (a rom-com delightful enough for both the ladies and gentlemen of my young adult group). I also think, for adults, Lady Bird and Marriage Story are great for discussion. I watched Marriage Story with my siblings last year at Christmas and we had the most fascinating conversations about marriage, divorce, the permanence, children, and more – a much deeper conversation than we’ve ever had before.

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