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Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a few new podcasts I wanted to share with y’all. I’ve really been appreciating them or anticipating them, if I’m being honest – I haven’t listened to one on the list, but I did listen to an interview with the author of it. Podcasts are a great way to listen on the go for personal development, but they’re also an easy thing to share on social media. I think it would also be intriguing for a parish to have a “Podcast Club” where participants listen to an episode before the meeting, then come to discuss. I’ve never seen this done before, but it would be very intriguing. If you try it, let me know!

Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church

This is a new podcast that I learned about on this interview Claire did with Karna Lyoza recently. This article from Our Sunday Visitor has more information. Described as: “Produced by the Catholic Project at The Catholic University of America, Washington, its 10 episodes plan to recount the history of the crisis and church leaders’ responses to it.”

Listen here: https://catholicproject.catholic.edu/ New episodes started on September 9th, so not much catching up to do!

What God Is Not

I was introduced to this podcast from a friend before meeting Sister Natalia, one of the hosts, on a recent trip to Ohio. A Byzantine Priest and a Byzantine Nun talk about the fruit of their prayer life. While I’m Roman Rite (as I think a majority of my readers are), I’ve found this to be very helpful. It gives me so much fodder for prayer and discussion, I can’t imagine it being a bad place to start for your new Podcast Club!

Listen here: https://whatgodisnot.buzzsprout.com/ New episodes every week, and they just started the first week of June, so some catching up if you want to listen to the whole thing. Definitely not needed, but they do begin each episode with a recap of the previous episode so while it’s not serialized, they do build on each other.

Blessed Is She

I’ve recommended this podcast before, I know – but it’s really just that good. They are now putting their weekly Teachable Tuesday lessons on the podcast, so there are two episodes a week. One that’s an interview Jenna Guizar and Beth Davis do with a priest, woman on the writing team, or other Catholic Individual. The second is the Teachable Tuesday lesson (which is also on YouTube) that Beth Davis does each Tuesday at 1pm Eastern. I’ve already gathered a group of friends each week on Zoom to dive into these teachings and discuss how they can be lived in our own lives.

Listen here: https://anchor.fm/blessed-is-she-podcast You’ll see both their interview episodes as well as the Teachable Tuesday episodes in your feed when you subscribe.

Got any other ideas for podcasts? Share them in the comments!! I’m always looking for a great one!

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  1. This isn’t a podcast but it’s a similar fun idea. Our ministry, cinema for the soul, usually gathered to watch a film and discuss it afterword with a faith lens. Since the pandemic closures, we invite people to watch the film on their own and join a Zoom faith sharing discussion about the movie.
    We use Flocknote to accept registrations, share movie & zoom links, and discussion questions. A group of 10-20 people monthly has grown to over 100.
    Here’s a webpage link:


    1. Katie_OSVCoach says:

      I love this idea so much!! Thanks for sharing Sharon!!


  2. byzantinela says:

    Thanks for listening!! And were so proud to stand alongside these other two great podcasts!
    Father Michael O’Loughlin


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