2020 Innovation Challenge Winners

Did you know that the OSV Institute has been hosting an Innovation Challenge these past 12 months? Well, if not, these are some great Catholic Organizations to check out. The 12 finalists are all outlined here on the Challenge Website. After a year of preparation, this past Saturday was Demo Day.

The judges awarded the three $100,000 grants to the Juan Diego Network, which distributes audio faith formation programs to Latino audiences; Catholic Sprouts: Domestic Church Project, which helps parents to cultivate a faith environment at home; and Eden Invitation, a new ministry for LGBT Catholics that is rooted in the Church’s teachings on chastity and dignity of the human person.

Each of these three organizations is highlighted in the full article. I encourage you to read it all and maybe even incorporate one of them into the future ministry of your parish! What will each of them do with the prize money? Check it out here!

To be re-inspired about why innovation is so important, check out this video from the Institute’s President.

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