Small Catholic ‘Water Drops’

Original Article

As a Cradle Catholic, I often wonder what brings converts to the Church. The ultimate answer is the Lord, of course – but what methods or people or situations did He use?! When I saw this article from a few weeks ago, I was taken aback by this phrase in the man’s conversion story: small Catholic ‘water drops.’

As I consider that notion, I come to think “What’s a small Catholic water drop?” I interpret it as all of those moments where they saw the Lord working and were directed to the Catholic Church. This might have been the way they were treated by priests or religious at a program as a child. Another instance might be an encounter they had with a co-worker who was quietly living out their faith. Even a moment of crisis where someone said they were praying for them. A moment when a friend shared an event that was happening at the parish. Maybe it was the decision making process of friends in a relationship that’s been very successful. Or an invitation to a friend’s first child’s Baptism at the local parish.

All small moments that don’t seem to matter all that much yet they make a difference.

I can’t help but compare it to falling in love – the small moments that make up a relationship and lead you toward another person.

How is your parish facilitating those small Catholic ‘water drops’?

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