Gather and Go


Did y’all see this article from Katie Prejean McGrady about Youth Ministry in the midst of a pandemic? She makes some amazing points that I don’t want us to forget about as we (hopefully) begin to live in our post-pandemic world this fall.

Two of my favorite quotes:

Jesus asked questions on the road to Emmaus; he wanted to know what was on their minds. This is a job we must do as we leave quarantine and begin to slowly gather back together, whenever that might happen. Asking how our young people have been doing, and what they’re feeling, is an essential first step in rebuilding connections and helping them feel safe and part of the community once again.

But Jesus asked the questions and then had the patience to listen to the answers. This will be an essential part of our youth ministry work as well — letting young people process, tell us how they feel and express their confusion, anger, doubt and worries without fear of immediate judgment or correction.

And this one:

As they walked on that road to Emmaus, away from Jerusalem, Jesus gave these two disciples place and space to gather their thoughts and go, even in the wrong direction. […] Jesus begins to teach and unpack the present moment only after he has listened to the two disciples. He teaches both eloquently and with force, and he is able to do so because he’s earned a measure of trust, because he listened.

Read the whole article here, it’s excellent!

What’s Youth Ministry going to look like at your parish this fall? Have you considered how it’s different? What will you do differently to adapt?

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