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Have you ever thought about “WHY your parish exists?” Why is there a Church on that corner? What benefit does it bring? What would be lost if it closed or never existed?

My parish has been reopen for Mass for over a month now, but we are still closed for events and activities – and probably will be for awhile. I think many of you are in the same situation as us, or you’re considering opening in the next few weeks.

So let’s go down a thought-filled rabbit hole. Why does your parish exist? To provide the Sacraments as a way for people to encounter Christ. To celebrate Mass as a remembrance of the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord as commanded at the Last Supper. To be a place where all can come together and give right worship to the Lord as the Body of Christ. To evangelize the world and spread the Good News. To care for the temporal needs of your people. All great answers.

What would be missing from your community if your parish wasn’t there any more? What do you provide that no one else in your area does? Do you celebrate this? Not in a “look at us, look at what we do” but in a way that says, “can you help us continue to make a difference in our community?”

What’s the importance of this now? Well, as many parishes are struggling in the midst of the reopening, I encourage you to “Keep Your Eyes on Your Why.” This keeps us focused on what’s important and keeps us relevant to our community. They continue to support us as well so we can continue to do this work.

So this week get clear on your why and the impact you make on the community, let it be the driving force for all you do!

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