Challenges for Youth

We saw what St. Pius X Youth was doing and couldn’t wait to share. To engage their teens they’ve set up a daily challenge that include things like:

  • Day 1: Create a daily schedule!
  • Day 2: Solidify a Prayer Plan
  • Day 4: Cook breakfast for your family
  • Day 6: Watch a TED talk
  • Day 7: Write a list of all the things you’re good at
  • Day 8: Keep Holy the Sabbath
  • You can see all of the images on their Facebook page

While I saw this in the midst of the stay-at-home orders and the season of Lent, I think this is a great idea for the summer with our Youth Ministry programs. Keeping our youth engaged is important and can be tricky when we aren’t able to gather. While some states have opened up and many Churches are gathering for Mass, I’m still seeing most other activities and events cancelled. There are restrictions in my state (North Carolina) on Day-Camps. While youth ministry events are specifically day camps, they have some of the same qualities, so it might be wise to continue to hold off on most gatherings.

Engaging youth via social media whether that’s Facebook (probably not the 1st place our teens are hanging out online), Instagram, Twitter, TickTock, SnapChat, or the new social media site that is bound to pop up any day now is simple and easy. Share what you’re doing with the parents by sending them an email with the upcoming weekly or daily challenges, then post about them on social media.

Some tips for using social media with teens:

  • If your Diocese has guidelines, follow those first.
  • Make sure parents are invited to take part and have multiple adults on the site as a moderator.
  • All comments and interaction should be public or in groups with more than one adult present. No 1:1 DM’s or chat boxes.
  • Think about Safe Environment first.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out off-line with a phone call to the parents if you see something that makes your uncomfortable on a teen’s page or in a comment.

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