Creativity in the Midst of Chaos

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

The past 7 weeks or so have felt like complete chaos to me, maybe to you as well. Masses were cancelled and suddenly everything I’ve taken for granted about being Catholic was put on pause. I’ve been encouraged though by the many priests and churches who have used this time to be creative! This is not an exhaustive list by any means, nor am I sharing to say that every priest and church needs to be doing the same thing. We each need to use our own gifts and talents to stay connected with our parish families.

Fr. Scott from Sacred Heart in Shawano has been cracking me up with his “Post-Mass Press Conferences” and “Staycation 2020” show on Facebook. The first episode is here, with links for others below if you too need a laugh!

The priests and deacons from St. Joseph in Brookfield record morning, mid-day, and evening prayer each day and post them on their website. Parishioners are loving the introduction to this prayer of the Church!

At my own parish, they’ve reached out to people all over the country to put together a collection of words of inspiration during this time. They call it Corona Videos!

Another parish is hosting a Trivia Night, just a fun way for parishioners to stay engaged.

St. Pius X Youth Ministry is hosting a Quarantine Challenge for their teens. Each day a different activity from prayer and spiritual growth opportunities to service to their families to education. They post it on Facebook (and other social media) each day.

I could write hundreds of these opportunities here for you. Parishes are being creative in how they engage their parishioners. As I said in the beginning, you don’t have to do all of these, just do something. Find your charism and live it out during these days.

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