Online Bulletins

Communication has always been necessary as a parish, but it’s even more important now. While most parishioners receive their regular news via the weekly printed bulletin, they aren’t in the pews for Mass to receive it. Some solutions:

  1. Create an electronic version and email it out to parishioners. Some options for this are your census software’s “mass email” function, your website’s eNewsletter fuction, MailChimp (free up to 2,000 subscribers), MailerLite (free up to 1,000 subscribers), Constant Contact ($20/month), or another platform. To avoid being called spam and getting blacklisted, don’t send to over a hundred emails from your personal account.
  2. If you don’t have email addresses for everyone, do a call campaign to check in with people and acquire them.
  3. Another option is to email out to everyone you have addresses for, and then print and mail to everyone you don’t have emails for. This way you’ll reach everyone at the parish.

What to include in your digital bulletin:

  1. Information about this weekend’s live stream of the Mass including a worship aid for people to follow along with music, the readings, and Mass parts.
  2. Confession times and/or open Church times depending on your schedule.
  3. Success stories and stories of hope from parishioners that are being shared on your social channels or to you in the office privately.
  4. Who to contact if they need help during this time.
  5. A thank you for their continued support.
  6. Information about your online giving program or how to mail in or drop off envelopes.

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