Giving Financial Updates

We’ve spoken with many parishes who are suffering after just one week without their weekly offertory and can’t imagine what life will look like 6 or 8 or 10 weeks from now.

This Our Sunday Visitor article from Brian Fraga is an excellent collection of interviews from priests around the country. Be smart about how you proceed for your offertory!

One parish has a great message in their bulletin that they’re sharing this weekend about the need for financial support. In case you need help crafting a message, here you go:

Weekly Financial Update

Did You Know?

While masses and events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the ministries of the Parish are still active in the community and continue to depend upon your financial support.  The only change to the life of the Parish has been the elimination of group gatherings.

Ministries continue to meet via conference calls, meals continue to be prepared and delivered to those in need, schools and faith formation continue via virtual classrooms and home assignments, Sunday mass is being conducted and being streamed for your participation, and we continue to provide support to many of the service agencies throughout the area.  Our Clergy continue to provide spiritual guidance and daily reflections.

While we navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times, we request your continued financial support either by signing up with Our Online Donation System or by mailing your weekly contributions to the Parish. Thank you for your continued support!

Your Pastor

Here’s another email we received from a parish to promote giving electronically during this time:

Dear Parish family members,

It has only been a week since the quarantine, but it feels much longer. There is no manual for leading a parish through a pandemic, and we are faced with tough decisions every day.

As a pastor and shepherd, I wish all of my decisions could be about how to minister spiritually to the flock, and not what expenses and ministries to cut or what staff to lay off.

That is why I am asking all parishioners, if you are able, please keep up with your giving to the cathedral to help us make up for the loss of our Sunday offertory. You can give online here: your giving link or bring in or mail your gift to the parish office.

We want to especially thank all of you who are signed up for automatic giving, and those who have been sending in their envelopes. Your faithfulness is more important than you can imagine.

We are praying for each of you during this unprecedented crisis. Please know that you can contact the parish office if you have an emergency need. We are still the Church, even when we cannot come together in person for Mass.

Let’s pray that the day when we can share the Holy Sacrifice of the Sunday Mass as a family again may draw nearer!

In Christ’s light,

Your Pastor

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