Thoughts on Catholic School


This story came up on my “you might be interested in these articles” google feed a few weeks ago. The title was the perfect click bate for me, something that could only be designed by an algorithm that knows me better than I know myself (yes, Google, I’m looking at you and your data collection).

You might ask why I’m sharing it here and talking about Catholic Schools. That’s a valid question. I’ve got a few reasons, if you’ll stick around.

First, it is a fantastic commentary on the caliber of the education at Catholic schools. I, myself, am a product of Catholic education from age 3 through 8th grade as well as my undergraduate degree. The quality of education I received was superior to any other school in my community, and I believe that I have been successful because of that strong foundation. A strong education is a great foundation for the youth of today, and as Catholic educators we should do everything we can to create that environment.

Second, because of that there are many people in your community who will want to send their children to your school. People who are Catholic and those who are not. I’m not advocating for rejecting non-Catholics at all … I think it can be a beautiful opportunity for evangelization and showcases the universality of the Church. What I am saying is that we should be aware that not everyone who enrolls in our schools has the same values as we do. Therefore we need to be clear about our school’s Catholic identity and culture.

Third, even with the highest caliber of education, the main focus of our Catholic schools is to make disciples (that’s our mission as a Church). A school has the unique opportunity to showcase how Catholic culture can permeate every facet of our lives. We learn how to apply our faith to everything we do without sacrificing knowledge or who we are. This ability is, in my humble opinion, the reason for a fantastic Catholic education.

Being Catholic should affect every aspect of our lives from how we treat our neighbors to our workplace culture to who we marry to how we live out our vocation to be holy. As Catholic Educators we should be proud to talk about our Catholic Culture in our schools.

How does your school showcase your Catholic identity?

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