#3: Pray For Your Parish

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Take the time every single day, at every single Mass, before every single meeting to pray for your parish alone, as a staff, as a council, with others. Every. Single Day.

What to pray for?

  • That all will be safe and for good health
  • That all will grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord
  • They would be open to the Spirit moving in their life
  • To receive the supernatural gift of faith
  • To see Jesus in everyone they meet
  • To come home and find a family in this community
  • Help for those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and employment
  • Softer hearts toward those in need and those away from the Church
  • That we might all be together in Heaven at the end of time
  • Those who do not know Jesus might encounter Him in a real way each day

Pray for your people … those you see daily, weekly, monthly, or very rarely. Pray in earnest that they will find Jesus and come home to His Church. Commit to it every single day.

Also take time to foster your own prayer life. Don’t just be around people who pray a lot. Be a person who is filled with the Spirit and on fire for the Lord!

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