#2: Over-Deliver on Kindness

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

Our second resolution is to over deliver on kindness. To use a colloquial term: Kill’em With Kindness. We think that we do this every day because we’re Christians, but do we over deliver? Do we give more kindness than is necessary, more than we think we need, more than they’ve returned to us?

How can we do this at our parishes? I’ve got a few ideas!

  • Answer the phone with a cheerful, smiling: “Good Morning, St. Joseph, this is Katie, how can I help you?” (obviously your church name, your own name substituted)
  • Have someone at the doors of the Church to open them for everyone and not just on Sundays – weekdays too.
  • Say hello to 2 new, unfamiliar faces each weekend.
  • Focus on saying YES and then working out the details of how later.

This step comes a lot easier when you’ve presumed the good!

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