#1: Presume the Good

Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

How many times have you seen someone do something and make up a story about how foolish or wrong they were? I think the place where we make this false assumptions the most are: While Driving and At Church!

What if for 2020 you decided to presume the good, presume they had good intentions, even if you didn’t know they did, even if you think they probably didn’t? When might you do this?

  • When you see a family with a wiggly child at Mass … a SUPER wiggly child.
  • When the same parishioner comes in late every single week for Mass.
  • When a single mom rushes into the office at 3:59 (you close at 4pm) to have her 4 year old child baptized without the proper paperwork.
  • When the millennial leaves after communion every single day at daily Mass.
  • When you see unfamiliar faces on Ash Wednesday after answering a lot of “what time do you give our ashes?” phone calls all day.

What if we presumed good intentions instead of creating the inevitable story about how these people just don’t love Jesus enough? What if we never wrote that negative story in our heads or on our hearts?

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