Inside Catholic Baseball

Have you ever been on the outside of a conversation because you didn’t really understand the words people were using? This happens at OSV a lot because we use a lot of 3 letter acronyms: IOP, PVP, OLG, PCC … when we only use shorthand or ‘big words’ we leave people out! Let’s talk about what that might mean at your parish!

Definition: Maintenance Mode

Continuing to read through “Made for Mission” I came across a deeper definition of what “Maintenance Mode” is and how it might be showing up at your parish. Let’s dig in!

New Year, New Bulletin

The bulletin is printed every single week and is the most used communication piece for parish communications. Is it the most effective? Read these great tips and make two or three effective changes to your bulletin this year!!

An Interesting Outreach: Medical Debt

I’ve always known that large medical debts were an issue for others, but until today I didn’t realize that I could do something to alleviate it for my neighbors. Could you parish buy all of the medical debt for your county and forgive it? It’s easier (and less expensive) than you think!

On Prayer: John of the Cross

The saints are my primary authority on prayer and finding ways ordinary people grow in holiness. Everyone wants their ministry to be more effective, more successful, and even easier. Sometimes easier isn’t actually better … but I know one thing that can make your ministry better … if only you prioritize the time for it!

#3: Pray For Your Parish

We talk about it a lot, but we don’t do enough of it … none of us. Steve Angrisano once said, “We have a lot of near faith experiences in ministry … we’re near a lot of people who have faith experiences.”

#2: Over-Deliver on Kindness

Our second resolution is “Kindness.” This doesn’t mean saying yes all of the time no matter what … it means being clear and charitable. Kind even when delivering bad news.

#1: Presume the Good

Let’s make some resolutions for 2020 beginning with something our new pastor said to me 8 years ago when I was on staff … Presume the Good. I didn’t get it right away, but as soon as major changes started coming, it made perfect sense! Not just for new pastors, but also for them too!