Hospitality for Christmas

Christmas is one of the times of the year when “almost everyone goes to Church.” What will you and your parish do this year to be welcoming to the many guests you don’t see each week?

Supporting Engaged Couples

Marriage is the most common vocation. I might even venture to say 99% of the adults at your parish are married, seeking marriage, been hurt in marriage, or are widowed after being married. With 110 million Americans living the single (unmarried but maybe cohabitating) life, it’s even more important to do what we can to support great, solid, holy marriages. What’s your parish doing? I’ve got a few ideas … would love you to share even more!

Build a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Bishop Barron’s ministry focuses a lot on the ‘nones’ … and he has an idea that every parish should do to bring the nones back over the next 10 years. Will your parish step up to the calling?