Generations of Leadership

I heard a commentary on this article a few days back and was intrigued. They gathered 250 young adults to figure out how they could bridge the gap, bring back more young people to the Church, and transform lives.

They were particularly commenting on this paragaph:

In addition, Bishop Robert McElroy, who leads the local church, presented two of his own action items, the most radical being a mandatory leadership shakeup. By the end of 2022, each parish must have 25 percent of its leadership positions filled with young adults, he said.

emphasis mine

This piece of employing millennials is interesting to me and not something I see very often. There is one parish I work with in Connecticut who had two millennials on their staff of 7 or 8 in key leadership roles. The way they approached the job was different and was yielding intriguing results at the parish.

Each generation has their own gifts and talents to offer based on the environment in which they were raised. It’s fairly fashionable to ‘hate on’ millennials these days. We’re accused of ‘killing things,’ destroying the environment (something that came up in my kitchen this morning), and wanting everything handed to us (because of all those participation trophies).

The truth is that each generation has its strengths. For lots of millennials it’s technology. Show us how to do something once and we’ve learned it forever and improved it within 24 hours. How many generations are represented in your parish leadership and ministry leads? If there isn’t someone from every generation you’re serving, then you’re missing someone (or more than one someone). What can you do in the next 3 to 5 years to change that?!

Now I’m curious as to what else is included in the 24 proposals! I’m keeping an eye on you San Diego!

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