Night Vigil


A co-worker shared the above story last week and I couldn’t help but share it with you all too! Catholics can get a little worked up when someone mentions “Evangelization” and “Talking to Strangers” in the same sentence. Even my heart beats a little faster when I begin considering volunteering to do street evangelization.

In Stamford 30 faithful from the Basilica volunteered to walk around downtown handing out rosaries and holy candles.

They went out into the night on Saturday, just like the early disciples, who were directed by Christ. These street evangelists gave out holy candles and rosaries. They asked people if they wanted prayers, they listened to their stories about hardship and pain and they pointed them to where they could get all the answers to their problems—Jesus, who was a few blocks away, exposed in the Blessed Sacrament at St. John’s.

There were two key actions that struck me in that paragraph. They listened and then invited. The order is important too!

What are you doing this week to listen to someone’s story?

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