Mass Greeting

What do you do when you see a new person at Mass? Run toward them? Or away? Do you wait for them to come a second time? What if they don’t?

Generations of Leadership

What’s the make-up of the leadership in your parish? Are you employing and empowering leaders in all of the generations you’re serving to step up? Or does everyone in leadership look, act, and think the same? We need diversity if we’re going to serve a diverse congregation!

Family of the Day

I’m reminded of a song that goes “But it’s the little things that make a difference; It’s the little things that show love; It’s the little things. A simple cup of water that can change the world, That can save our sons and daughters” (Little Things by JJ Heller). It is the small things that make a difference in our communities and parish families!

Listening in Prayer

Wrapping up our week about listening with “Listening in Prayer.” The most important listening we do … where we are understood as we listen to the Lord and He listens to us. Don’t skip this post because “you’re prayer life is good” … this podcast episode is fantastic and prayer is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you do in your ministry!!

Listening to Understand

It seems too simple: Just Listen. It’s not a simple practice though; it takes time to form a healthy and life giving listening habit. Will you take the time?

Night Vigil

Evangelization is a big word for a simple concept. They listened and then they invited. Jesus listened and then invited. How are you listening and then inviting?