A Smarter Rosary

A co-worker introduced me to this new Rosary and App via this article, which gave me a giggle. It’s a real product from the Pope’s Prayer network over at Click to Pray. They call it the eRosary and it reminds you to pray and also teaches you the prayers and structure of the Rosary.

October, the month of the Rosary, is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we should stop praying the Rosary and encouraging others to do so too. The Rosary is an easy devotion for people to add into their lives one decade at a time. I think sometimes people get overwhelmed. They see their life today with no time for the Rosary (or even a few Hail Mary’s) and are intimidated with the call to pray the whole Rosary every day.

So what can we do to encourage small changes for our parishioners? Maybe they need a wearable Rosary that sends them a notification on their phone? Maybe a daily reminder via your parish’s mobile app would be helpful? Maybe instead of talking about an ideal, we propagate the idea of just a decade a day.

It’s slow steps that propel us forward. Small changes make for easier habits.

The month of the Rosary may have just ended but Advent is just around the corner. Advent begins a new Liturgical Year; a great time for a Spiritual New Year’s Resolution! Do something new as an entire Church community. Maybe a decade of the Rosary? Maybe just 3 Hail Mary’s for the people of the parish. Be intentional about choosing something that the entire community can do together.

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