Some Great Podcasts

A friend who knows I love listening to podcasts shared this article with me a few weeks ago from the BBC about the man who invented the word! He was writing an article about “internet radio blogs” and needed a better work than “audioblogs” … so glad he didn’t just go with “alogs” like the inventor of “vlog” did for “Video Blog.”

I don’t have a radio in my house or even a TV for that matter, so podcasts make most of the audio noise around here. I listen to podcasts on a variety of subjects: news, spiritual growth, personal growth, discussion about TV shows, crime drama, and more. If you have an interest, there’s a podcast for it. And you can listen from anywhere – you phone, computer, or tablet!

So I thought I’d share 4 of my favorite spiritual growth podcasts with you today!

The Catholic Feminist Podcast (listen)

If you want to know what millennial Catholic women are thinking about, this podcast is a great window into our minds. Claire interviews amazing women who are fighting for pro-life causes, doing amazing social justice, and leading their families to heaven. The variety of guests is excellent as well.

Lanky Guys (listen)

A priest and a scripture scholar walked into a studio and now we have this podcast! They discuss the upcoming readings for the weekend in about an hour breaking open new insights and spiritual words of wisdom every week. They know a lot of priests who listen in preparation for giving their homily too! I always find something super interesting about scripture that I’d never heard before that helps me grow!

The Gathering Place (listen)

Blessed Is She is an amazing online women’s ministry that seeks to build community and foster prayer in women. They have daily devotions, seasonal devotional books, and liturgical planners. The podcast is Beth and Jenna (the founder) discussing what’s on their hearts and minds either just the two of them or with a guest. Every week I am enriched spiritually by what they discuss!

Hobo for Christ (listen)

I delighted to call Meg (the host of this podcast) a friend! She discusses hard things like mental health, the abuse crisis, and how to evangelization as well as the Saints! And Meg knows some saints … people you’ve never heard of, saints who don’t have books or capital F feast days on the church calendar yet, saints that can walk with you for every occasion in life.

You can listen to any of this podcasts on line, share episodes in your parish’s social media feed, or even get a group together at the parish to listen and discuss. Use that pause button to stop and take a deeper dive into what someone says and apply it to your own life! You can also find them on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, OverDrive, or whatever podcast app you prefer on your phone. Did I not mention one that you love? Share it in the comments!!!

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  1. Rebecca Leier says:

    Thanks for these great podcast ideas. Another great listen is Bishop Baron’s podcast the”Word on Fire Show”. I agree podcasts are a great way to connect to new ideas and a richer understanding of our larger Catholic Faith community.


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