Photo by Benoit Beaumatin on Unsplash

Ever go down an Internet Rabbit Hole? You know, when you read a great article then another then everything that author’s ever written and all of a sudden too much time has passed? No, just me then?

Well a co-worker shared information about a company that does research for churches, mostly protestant churches from what I can gather in my “research” and I took a deep dive into their blog. They have this service called “Mystery Church Guest” which if you thought it was “Mystery Shopper for Churches” you’d be exactly correct. They search for unchurched members of your community to join you for a Sunday service and then tell you how it is. The accounts on their blog are fascinating. I’m trying to figure out how we can offer these for our churches working on a Parish Vision Plan.

What’s it like to come to Mass at your parish when you don’t know anyone? Do you feel welcome? Are you encouraged to do more than just Sunday Mass? Is your church “known in the area” and easy to find?

During my “deep dive down the rabbit hole” I found this article on greeters that I thought was just fantastic and had to share.

Read the Whole Article Here

There are countless differences between a Catholic Mass and a Protestant Service, but the principals they outline are universal for greeters.

The Don’ts:

  1. They don’t make eye contact
  2. Avoid conversation or answering questions
  3. Engage in conversation with their friends

Having someone at the door is good, but it’s not enough if they aren’t actually greeting people. Saying hello before Mass, handing them the Worship Aid (if you have one), and, basically, acting like we’re a family all make a big impact – and not just for new people. What does your parish do to welcome people?

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