Movie Nights


I remember the first time I watched Fireproof, the movie produced by Sherwood Pictures. Did you know that was their 3rd movie? The story was excellent, the acting was clearly done by ‘non-professionals.’ But the thing I loved about the movie (they’ve produced 4 now) was that it was a ministry from a small Church who felt the Lord calling them to do something big. It took 3 films for them to get noticed by a studio that would bring their small town films to the big screen. After Fireproof they filmed Courageous. Although I think their legacy is really the amazing movies that have come from others such as War Room and the one I just saw, Breakthrough.

At the end of August I saw it was one of the American Airlines feature films, but the flight I was on wasn’t long enough, so I didn’t watch. Nothing’s worse than having to quite a tear-jerking movie half-way through (okay there are many things worse – but that’s pretty sad). So when I had a 2 hour flight, I thought, “Now’s the time.”

Sitting near the window allowed me to shed my tears with some semblance of privacy as I watched Chrissy Metz showcase the Bold Faith that real-life Joyce Smith had for her son. The story is incredible. The movie was well done. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Redbox right now. Run, don’t walk.

Here’s the trailer – grab a tissue before you hit play, you’ll thank me later.

Yes, that’s Kate from This Is Us!!!

But why am I telling you this? Have I become a movie reviewer? Hardly. I have two points today.

The first is about a parish event you can hold. Grab a projector and a DVD player (they’re only $20 if you don’t have one lying around) and invite people to a family movie night at the parish. This one’s great for the whole family! Provide popcorn or ask people to bring a dish to share and a pillow or comfy lawn chair to sit on. Watch the movie together. Ask people to share what they thought. Did they remember the event happening in St. Louis back in 2015? Have they read the book? Have they ever “prayed boldly” and received an answer from the Lord? Do they know of a real-life miracle that happened to someone?

The second is to consider what a small, rural church in ‘nowhere Georgia’ did back in 2003. They heard God calling them to begin making films. The church wasn’t full of big movie people, actors, producers, and crew. Ordinary people helped start this movement where new faith-filled movies are being shared in theaters every year.

What’s your parish being called to do?

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