Marian Consecration

Years ago I was introduced to the idea of a Marian Consecration in a Women’s Bible Study I was part of. I didn’t really understand it or have a desire to intensify my prayer life for 33 days, so I opted out. A few years later I saw my new parish was offering it as a small group activity a few days too late to get started for their chosen consecration date of December 8th.

A few years later, I decided instead to use Advent as my preparation period for a consecration date of January 1st. The first year I used the simple St. Louis de Montfort preparation guide, but have ‘changed it up’ each year with a different book for preparation. Some of my favorites are in the picture above.

I think this is a great parish-wide prayer opportunity. Some parishes purchase the small booklets and pass them out to people with a calendar of when to begin so that everyone can be at Mass together for their actual consecration. December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, is a popular day. His book True Devotion to Mary is also a beautiful resource.

Fr. Michael Gaitley wrote a book for personal devotion and a study guide for group use a few years ago that’s also excellent. I’ve done this before on my own and with a small group. He also has videos that accompany it. You can purchase the entire set online or watch it with your subscription.

Last year I was introduced to a new preparation book published by OSV which was quite a delight to read through. It walks through the writings of St. John Paul II and St. Louis de Montfort.

There are so many opportunities to walk through the consecration as a parish family. St. Louis de Montfort encourages us to renew our consecration each year. St. John Paul II was known to renew his each morning, a practice I’ve found fruitful in my own life.

How will you deepen your prayer life as parish this fall?

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