Dicey Conversations


Did you know the formal definition of dicey is “unpredictable and potentially dangerous”?

We might be 14 months from the Election Day 2020, but we are not far off from dicey conversations about politics and religion and how they interact.

I recently read this article on OSVNEWS.com from Kathryn Jean Lopez regarding politics and relationships. I can’t help but share with you today! It’s a great one to share on your parish’s social media channels or pull a quote from for your bulletin and encourage people to read the rest.

Just some points to ponder as this season of debating, polling, conversing, and disagreeing!

We’ve got some resources over here at OSV that could help too.

I’ve found that when we have good conversation skills in one area of life, we tend to have them in all areas. We can teach our parishioners about having better conversations in relation to the faith and it will impact their relationships and their political conversation … a win-win-win for the world!

p.s. There are a lot of books surrounding this topic, two in particular that are very high on my TBR list. I’ll read them and let you know if they’re worth your time!

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  1. Hi Katie: I landed on your post and was glad I did when I reached the end. Difficult conversations is a topic I relate to so much and always wished there was more coaching done on this subject. Glad to know you.


    1. Katie_OSVCoach says:

      So glad you found this helpful!


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