Marian Consecration

Growing together in faith, deepening our prayer life, and being united as a parish community are the goals of most small group programs. Marian Consecration is a great way to revive a century’s old devotion at your parish and start a small group program this fall!

Confession Cart

Confession on a golf cart … the Lord’s Mercy knows no bounds!! How is your parish sharing the Lord with others?!

Great Catholic Reads: Marketing God

I read a lot of books – and some of them are good enough to share! This one definitely was so I got permission to give you all a full chapter for free!! Donna’s an expert communicator and marketer, her advice is not to be missed!

Advice for a Priest

I had lunch today with a friend of mine who was ordained earlier this summer (Hi Father!). He asked me for advice. I had two thoughts. First, OH HOW I LOVE to give advice and share my opinion. I’ve got a lot of thoughts. Second, who am I to give advice?

Come Here Often?

Why did you come? I find this to be an interesting question. Why do you come to Mass? What do you get from it? How can we help make it better for you? Are you bothered by the homilies? Do you even remember the homilies?

Dicey Conversations

It’s common knowledge (or used to be) that we don’t discuss politics and religion with strangers, family members, first dates, or anyone really. I don’t think that actually helps us though. We need to figure out how to have healthy conversations around these topics because they are important. Conversations that have both sides leaving with their dignity in place!