Defying Statistics


The number one headline about the Church seems to be “Catholic Church Attendance Is Declining.” I know that’s not true – and it really depends on what news outlet you’re reading.

So when I saw the headline “Dioceses Defying the Statistics,” I took the bait and clicked! I was happy to see a parish right in my own city in the list!

50 years ago the Northeast and Midwest were the “Catholic Centers of America.” Maryland is named after the Blessed Mother! Now many of the dioceses in these areas are merging, collaborating, linking, and closing parishes because of the decline in Mass attendance, population, and donations.

The article highlights four dioceses that are growing despite the shrinking everywhere else. They are Rockville Center, NY; Dallas, TX; Phoenix, AZ; and Orange, CA. What do they have in common?

They focus on evangelization and discipleship. The mission of their diocese is known to all involved and they are seeking to share the Love of Christ and deepen parishioner’s relationship with the Lord.

I love reading about amazing things parishes are doing and then sharing them with you: hence this little blog. I hope you get just as much inspiration from this article as I did!

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