OMG: Our Monthly Gathering

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

A small parish in Missouri told us about their OMG Sunday, which of course, I was curious about! Each month they have a simple meal that families can sign up for that includes dinner, fellowship, and an activity.

OMG stands for Our Monthly Gathering!

There’s a notice in the bulletin each month for parishioners sign up ahead of time. The month I looked at was $5 a person with a family max of $15 or $20 so the whole family could enjoy!

I’d recommend ensuring families of more than 4 can easily enjoy your “family-themed” events!!

This event has become the parish’s monthly family dinner and provides an opportunity for people who see each other on Sunday mornings to get to know one another in a less formal environment. It could as be as complex as a catered meal from a local company or pizza from the place down the street.

When I was a youth minister, we ordered a lot of pizza and found out that we were eligible for a discount when we used them exclusively each week. Don’t be afraid to ask for a church discount! That’s an easy way to make this affordable for both the parish and the people!

Order pizza and then ask families to each bring a dessert to share! You’ll have good food, great fellowship, and delightful desserts – what every great family dinner is made of!!

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