In Love With Alliteration

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I love a good pun or fun title that uses alliteration for an event. I once hosted a “meatless meet ‘n greet” (It was the 1st Friday of Lent)! So when I overheard a co-worker tell a church about another parish’s “Frittatas with Francis” I had to learn more as soon as she hung up the phone!

Holy Spirit is hosting a “Grown Up VBS”! Their sessions have great titles too like: Muffins & Mindfulness, SoulCore & Smoothies, Frittatas & Francis, and Cardio & Coffee. It’s a simple way to involve adults of all ages into the fun of summer programming for VBS!

I’m a big fan of alliteration titled events and have seen parishes do a “Grill Father Grill Out” or “Donuts & Dogma” or “Bible & Brews.” It creates some clever marketing and puts a smile on people’s faces when they see the event.

Don’t forget about the adults this summer when you’re planning summer programming! You could host a family camp fire, an outdoor movie night, a Wine & Wisdom event, or anything else with the goal of having fun, creating community, and talking a little bit about the faith!

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