Coffee and…

Many parishes have “Coffee and Rolls” or “Coffee and Doughnuts” or “Coffee and Muffins” after Mass on Sunday mornings. One of the parishes I work with just calls it “Coffee and…”

And What?

Some sort of treat and conversation and fellowship and family and friends and delightful-ness, to be honest!

Some things to consider when you’re setting up the event:

  1. Ensure all Mass times have some offering after Mass throughout the month. It can be a little odd when only one Mass gets a ‘treat’ and the rest don’t have the same opportunity for fellowship. A wine and cheese social after the evenings Masses can be a hit or ice cream during the summer!
  2. Build a team of volunteers so the same people aren’t always responsible for setting up, serving, and cleaning up.
  3. Find a local business you can support with your Sunday morning doughnut order (my parish orders 25 dozen each week!) and work out a deal that benefits both you and the community!
My parish on serves donuts after the 9:30 am Mass (not my regular time), so whenever I’m there I reward myself for getting up so early with my favorite: yeast donut with white icing!

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