Time for Prayer

I don’t know if St. Francis de Sales really said this, but a wise youth minister told me once: “You should be making a holy hour every day – and if you don’t have time because you’re too busy – then you should make two.” I’ve also heard “Don’t get too busy doing the Lord’s work that you forget about the Lord.”

In Love With Alliteration

Not everyone love puns, and I’m not always very good at them – but they always put a smile on my face (even if it’s a reluctant one)! So when I heard about an event involving a pope and some eggs, I had to learn more! I wonder what came first – the pope or the egg!

Digital Evangelization

Social Media is a place where people spend a significant amount of their lives. What are you doing to use it as a tool for evangelizing and sharing the gospel!

Coffee and…

As a parish family, we need activities and events that help to build community. Some families are related but never talk to one another … that’s not the family we’re trying to build as a parish. If people are going to talk to one another, we need events that get people talking! What’s better than coffee? (Maybe coffee AND donuts!)

Honoring Veterans

As American Catholics we see ourselves as citizens of our country and of the Kingdom of Heaven. How will we celebrate our country in the midst of our faith this summer?

City of Saints

Finding great media online can be difficult, so when I find something good I can’t help but share! City of Saints is my newest find!!