Prayer Partners Before Mass

Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

At our annual Customer Advisory Panel meeting earlier this month one of our churches shared something I’d never heard of before. Before Mass, parishioners turn to one another to say good morning. Then they share their prayer intentions for the week with one another.

I’m not sure I even have something else to say on this topic because I’m so speechless about how transformational that could be in our parishes, in our lives.

A simple turning to one another asking not only their name, but “how can I pray for you today and this week?”

Holding one anther in prayer can transform our parishes and the lives of our parishioners. It also helps to create community, build relationships, and make one-on-one connections. Relationships are the key to community, and also (in my opinion) the beginning of great evangelization.

After parishioners become comfortable talking about their faith and prayer with one another, they’ll become more comfortable sharing with others!

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