Live @ The Ramada

I met a parish administrator the other day who told me about a fun space and renovation they did at their parish. Out back they had a small patio with a blank white wall that wasn’t being used for anything. He, a few parishioners, and the pastor got to work and created a great space to bring in live music. The event is bring your own beverages and food with live music from up-and-coming and local artists as entertainment. The Ramada has become a platform for artists and a space for parishioners to enjoy fellowship.

The event space holds between 75 to 150 people and creates a great environment for fellowship. Some couples attend as a regular date night. Young Adults can have an inexpensive night out. The concerts have been going on since October.

What’s your parish doing to “think outside the box” with events and encouraging people to be part of the community in addition to Sunday Mass?

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