Volunteer Appreciation

Photo by kevin Xue on Unsplash

May and June means Volunteer Appreciation Time! Our parishes wouldn’t be able to serve and meet the needs of our parishioners and community without volunteers. It’s important to say thank you. Many time priests or staff members will say “our parishioners know we can’t live without them.’

That’s not really the same as having an event or dinner or sending a physical note. A professor I had in college once said this about Valentine’s Day and Anniversary celebrations for married couples: “Something that’s true always and everywhere needs to be celebrated sometime and somewhere.”

So although you are always grateful for volunteers, having an event or special recognition where you can celebrate what they’ve done for the parish sometime (the Spring) and somewhere (a dinner or hand-written note) is a way to celebrate your volunteers.

What does your parish do to celebrate your volunteers?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. This Saturday we will celebrate Volunteer Appreciation with a family picnic with food, games and prizes.


    1. Katie_OSVCoach says:

      Nice!! Sounds like a super fun event!


  2. Carrie says:

    BOTH! I love to thank my volunteers at a dinner and then give them a card telling them how special they are to the church and ME!


    1. Katie_OSVCoach says:

      How Great!!


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