Ask Me About My Gifts

Lisa @ St. Mary of the Hills

A few weeks ago I met Lisa at St. Mary of the Hills in the Archdiocese of Detroit and was so intrigued by the new campaign they’re doing at the parish.

Ask Me About My Gifts

The leadership of the parish have each taken the Spiritual Gifts Inventory and are being encouraged to share with others to illustrate that we are all Made for More.

As Father says in his intro video, the Spirit is working in your life, find out the special ways he’s working in your life. What kinds of spiritual gifts are in your heart?

When we know how we’ve each been blessed, we’re able to serve differently in our parishes.

What’s your parish doing to celebrate the individual gifts and talents of your people and then using them?

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  1. Maureen Conrad says:

    It’s interesting to see what other parishes are doing in regards to helping parishioners learn of their spiritual gifts. Ours does the Called and Gifted program of discernment which has been an incredible opportunity for people to see how they are gifted by the Holy Spirit to do God’s work.


    1. Katie_OSVCoach says:

      Marueen thanks for sharing!! I’ve seen many parishes who are beginning the Called and Gifted program and they really love it!


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