So You’re Getting a New Pastor

We’ve all be through it and some of us are going to go through it again soon. It’s about time for new priest assignments to come out, and my parish is getting one.

Volunteer Appreciation

A professor I had in college once said this about Valentine’s Day and Anniversary celebrations for married couples: “Something that’s true always and everywhere needs to be celebrated sometime and somewhere.” Now’s a great time to plan your volunteer appreciation event!

Happy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite seasons in the Church. There are so many great “Alleluia” Songs that I get so excited to sing for weeks upon weeks in a row! How is your parish living out the season for all 50 days?!

Celebrating the Easter Season

It’s almost time to say the “A-Word” again … not the 3 letter one, the 8 letter one we can sing on Easter Sunday and every day for the 50 days after that! I love ALL of the versions of Alleluia songs and psalms and refrains! (super happy Latin Easter song at the bottom of this post)

Ask Me About My Gifts

Instead of saying “this is exactly what we need” think about asking “where are you called to serve” to new parishioners and volunteers. Imagine of each of us were using our God-Given gifts and talents in the way they were intended?

Relationships First

Why do relationships matter? Are they important? Should we focus on them as we share the Gospel? My recent trip to Maui really got me thinking about this.