My Favorite Online Follows

Parishes ask me all of the time “where do we find good content to share on social media?” Here are a few of my answers!


People dislike ‘evangelization’ because they think it’s taking your soapbox to the corner, getting on it, and shouting some truth. But the real work of evangelization happens in the every day conversations, in the times when those around us show us their wounds and ask us to walk with them as they heal.

(Youth) Ministry Bias

Do we do ministries just because someone else told us to? Or because “we’ve always done that this way”? Or because it makes the most sense for the people we are trying to reach?

Digital Evangelism

So you want to get started with an online ministry to reach out? Where to get started? What to say? Why to do it? Br. Casey, OFM has tons of great ideas!

Be On The Look Out

99.9% of parishes produce a weekly bulletin. Is yours worth reading? What can you do to make it worth reading? If you aren’t willing to change it, then should you even print it?

Great Catholic Reads: The Art of Forming Young Disciples

A few weeks ago as I was walking to my car after Mass I overheard a teen talking to someone about our youth group. She said she’s gone a few times, but she’s not friends with the other teens nor did she feel like she learned anything useful while she was there. So she hasn’t been back. It got me thinking about this book I just finished about youth ministry and what we can do to revolutionize our approach.