Men & Women Religious

I have two good friends who are discerning religious life. A friend who lives here in Charlotte entered on November 1st. She joined a small community of just 3 other women stationed in the mountains of eastern NC. Another entered into a month long observership in a Byzantine community in OH just a few weeks ago. What prompted them? … More Men & Women Religious

More Than You Realize

A friend introduced me to this grassroots initiative out of the Archdiocese of Denver called More Than You Realize. They released their first of many videos a few weeks ago. Check it out: These are great for sharing on your social channels, just tag MTYR’s account on whichever channel (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). We don’t have to … More More Than You Realize

I Have Called You By Name

One of our deepest desires is to be known. This begins with the simple act of learning someone’s name and using it. One time in a sales training we were told that “A person’s favorite sound is that of their own name.” Since I have a pretty common name, I hear it all the time and it speeds my heart rate up just a few beats because it signals that someone is about to talk to me, and that makes me pretty happy! … More I Have Called You By Name

Planning to be Missionary Disciples

“In his first general audience, Pope Francis challenged all the baptized to ‘move beyond a dull or mechanical way of living our faith, and instead open the doors of our hearts, our lives, our parishes, our movements or associations, going out in search of others so as to bring them the light and the joy of our faith in Christ.'” Let’s be inspired today to have a renewed vigor for evangelization in our daily lives and our parishes! … More Planning to be Missionary Disciples