What If … Full of Grace Cafe

Have you ever played the “What If” Game? I do all of the time, “What if we did this…” or “what if that happens…” Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s torture for the anxious worrier. Today I’m starting a new “What If” Series here on Transform Your Parish.

What if you dreamed big and did something totally and completely outside the box to transform lives at your parish?

That’s what the Lord did. He took risks, was labeled a ‘crazy rebel’ and He completely transformed the world.

So start small, what if you started giving away coffee? What if you cut people’s hair for free? What if you had a food pantry? What if you provided a hot lunch to the hungry? What if you did something a little uncomfortable, took a risk, and though ‘outside the box’?

Fr. Joshua Johnson, the pastor of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in St. Amat, Louisiana, thought big. He started with nuns and prayer … a combination that can only bring good things! It started small, but the momentum grew. You’ll have to read the story for yourself.

What if you did one big, risky thing this year to transform the life of your parish? Dream big! What would it be?

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