Re-Focus on Mission

Something to Consider:

When a church becomes more concerned with looking inward at itself rather than reaching outward to the people around it, it’s lost its core function, said Hardwick, the Southern Baptist church planter.

“Relevance has nothing to do with how cool and creative the church is, if the music’s cool and the lights are great and the staging’s just right,” Hardwick said. “Relevance has everything to do with making a difference.

“If this church disappeared, would anybody in our community know or care?”

Recently a co-worker sent me this article about Churches of all Denominations in South Carolina. I found some of the points they shared to be very interesting like the one above from a Southern Baptist church planter.

What can we learn from our Baptist brothers and sisters as Catholics? What are we doing to make a difference in our community? Are we lost in the quest to be relevant by changing how we look rather than what we’re doing for Christ?

I see many Catholic Churches who get lost in the Liturgical Cycle. Advent, Christmas, small breath, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Funeral, Lent, Easter, School’s Out, Summer Vacation, Weddings, Back to School, Advent, Christmas, etc. Over and Over again with a funeral or wedding mixed in every once in a while.

I worked at a parish and remember getting bogged down with funerals in the midst of another super busy time. When we’re stuck on a hamster wheel, we miss the difference any of these activities can make in the lives of the members of our community (church attendees or not). The extra things become opportunities rather than being distractions.

They become opportunities for us to live out our mission. As one of the leaders interviewed said:

“You hit the restart button and do the one thing you were told to do, and that’s go and make disciples,” he said.

Take a moment this week and rediscover your mission. Rediscover the reason why your Church exists and figure out how all of the activities, events, prayer opportunities, Masses, and ministries contribute to that mission and purpose.

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