Fishers of Men Go Fishing

I’ve heard from many pastors, parishes, and wives that one of the hardest groups to get started at the parish is a men’s group. Although I don’t have personal experience attending a men’s group (since I’m a millennial woman), I’ve seen a few great ideas lately to share with you for your parish!

A Fishing Trip

fishers of men go fishing

What a great way to have some good old fashion family fun! I grew up in the woods of Mid-Western PA where things like this were common place. The first day of fishing season was a holy event for my family (still is) and was filled with laughter, fun, and great food! I’ve participated in my fair share of fishing derbies too (whether I caught anything or not is a completely different story).

This parish planned a fun event for their men’s group to invite their families to join. Everyone come and Go Fishing! What a fun outdoor activity to get people together to talk, have great fellowship, and maybe even a meal afterward (depending on how lucky you are).

Catholic Men’s Conferences

These are on the rise throughout dioceses in the United States. My own diocese has had a men’s conference for about 5 years now and it’s standing room only! Great programs like That Man is You and others have arisen from these movements as well. Check out these great ideas for a men’s fellowship group from Crux.

7 Steps to Starting a Group

This is a great article from The Catholic Man Show about how to start your own group. It only takes a few men to get a group going, so don’t wait any longer!

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