Looking at Mass Times

Sleepy Sundays, Rising with the Sun, or whatever fits into that weekend’s schedule – how do you plan for Weekend Mass? I’ve taken in the best of all worlds: 11:30 – my perfect time for worship!

Thoughts on Evangelization

Evangelization: What is it? Do we have to do it? Can’t someone else take care of it? I’m not comfortable, can you do it?

Children at Mass

Some of my favorite people in the whole world are children, especially the smiling babies that sit in front of me at Mass! Having children in our communities shows just how vibrant our parishes will be in the future!

Re-Focus on Mission

Our mission is Jesus Christ. Period. The Church exists in order to share the message of His Love in the world. Are you filling that mission?

Small Changes, Big Impacts

Minor Tweaks in our lives can have a big impact. For instance not using a screen for the final hour before bed, can have a dramatic affect on your sleep! It’s the same in our Churches – small tweaks can have a big impact!

Music Participation

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the quote “Singing is praying twice” from St. Augustine, I’d have a lot of dollars. Music and singing are two of the most talked about things from Mass!

Fishers of Men Go Fishing

Finding activities for men to do at the parish is complicated. What will interest men of all ages? What will they give up their Saturday for? Where will they wall want to go together? Fr. Vargas solved this by getting his fishing pole out!

Church Book Club

Every January people make resolutions to read and pray more to deepen their spiritual life. These parish book club ideas can help women of the parish do both!