Grandparents Camp

grandma grandpa and me
My Grandparents & Me! How cute was I?

Who loves silly games and crafts with little kids? Grandparents do!

One of the churches in Michigan told us about their “Grandparents Camp” they did this past summer with parishioners. It was a huge hit!

They brought grandmas and grandpas to the parish with their favorite little ones to tie-dye t-shirts, make dream catchers, draw prayer books, do silly games, put on skits, and more!

What a great idea! VBS for our little ones and our senior members to hang out together!

You could also do an “Adopt-A-Grandparent” for a day program like this! Bring together seniors whose families are far away and little ones whose grandparents live in another state and have them hang out and do fun things together!

What kinds of things does your parish do to engage families over the summer? It’s never too late to plan for next summer!

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