Back to School

A new school year is a fresh start for families. Here are some ways you can utilize your Digital Tools for this New Year.

  • Serving others is a fundamental tenant of our faith. Share local and global missions on your parish website with regular updates and use the Direct Donate feature of your Online Giving program to collect funds to support the missions. Families can get involved by donating clothes, non-perishable food items, and spare change by cutting back on eating out or other activities. Take the conversation off-line too by creating a Goal Thermometer, place it in your Narthex at church, and encourage the children of the parish to color it in as you receive more donations.
  • Evangelize on Social Media. Use your parish Facebook page as a source for great inspirational content that your followers can “like” and “share” as a means of evangelization. Talking about our faith with others is the basic mission of being a Catholic, so make it easy for your followers. Encourage Facebook followers to share spiritual posts with family and friends as a means of sharing the Gospel. The parish’s social media accounts are a great way to keep faith alive throughout a family’s busy week and remind them of what they heard on Sunday and in Faith Formation class.
  • Create an Online Family Catechesis class using your website’s blog. Each week post a short prayer, Scripture Passage, brief teaching, and activity that families can use to bring the faith alive. You can even create a comment section for families to share their great ideas with others. This also helps to build great community! You can easily use your parish’s Religious Education Curriculum to create this content. OSV’s Alive In Christ program has plenty of ideas for families with children of all ages!
  • Develop Online Registration forms for parents to complete with information and incorporate your Online Giving Program to take payments right in the forms! This makes life simple and easy for families who can take care of everything in one place as well as the parish staff. Allowing for payments electronically will also save time and keep things well organized for the office.
  • Use your Parish App’s Notifications to invite families to pray together. Sending a push notification is quick and easy and can be done weeks in advance. This is a great way to get the parish praying together. We have seen a parish use this feature to say a Novena together. You could even create an intercessory Prayer Board with your App’s Social Wall so families can share their struggles and thanksgivings!
  • Send Unique Online Giving Marketing Materials. Plan on boosting your enrollment numbers and creating more consistent offertory this Fall for the parish. Online Giving encourages giving which is consistent and planned, rather than whatever is leftover in the wallet or purse. Ask for resources which can be integrated into your mailing list, so you can ensure your newest parishioners receive the information and reduces your work burden. The beginning of school is a great time to make a pledge to help grow offertory within the parish.  If you are looking for a significant increase, look into an Increased Offertory Program with Our Sunday Visitor.

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