Advent is a time of preparation and waiting as we prepare for the Birth of our Saviour. Although many times it can be eclipsed by Christmas preparations within the culture we live. Everyone seems to be looking for an escape from the commercialism of Christmas and finding the meaning in the season. The parish can help by using their digital means of communication to help them grow deeper in their faith

  1. ​Help your parishioners take time to prepare spiritually for the coming of the Lord by sharing a daily reflection from Pope Francis on your Faith In Action Website.
  2. Create a fund within your Online Giving Program to collect money for families in need this Christmas.
  3. Setup a Text-to-Give item to people can give simply and easy for their Christmas donation.
  4. Have your Pastor record a short video greeting for Advent and Christmas to post on your parish’s social media accounts. Don’t know how? You could use a smart-phone and Facebook Live to create it! Then just ask people to like and share.
  5. Send out push notifications at different times of the day through your parish app to encourage people to pause and pray.
  6. Create a daily reflection blog for people to ponder as a family during Advent. These could just be notes from your priest’s daily Mass homilies for those who aren’t able to attend each day.
  7. Utilize content from the OSV Bulletin inserts on your social media channels as a means of evangelization.

Don’t let Advent be a forgotten season. Help your parishioners Prepare the Way for the Lord by using all of the Digital Communications Means available!

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